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Shakespeare and His Legal Problems. Hardcover w/dustjacket. George Williams Keeton.

Shakespeare and His Legal Problems. Hardcover w/dustjacket

An "Admirable" Study of Legal Topics in Shakespeare Keeton, George Williams. Shakespeare and His Legal Problems. Originally published: London: A. & C. Black, Ltd., 1930. x, 239 pp. Reprinted 2009 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN-13: 9781584779452; ISBN-10: 1584779454. Hardcover with dust jacket. New. $34.95 * Reprint of the sole edition. Keeton addresses general topics, such as the development of the common law (as demonstrated by Shylock) and the law of debt, and specific examples, such as the trial of Hermione and Henry V's claim to the French throne. "This is a book for which there has been a real need for many years, and lawyers as well as laymen are greatly indebted to Mr. Keeton for this admirable treatment of his subject. (...) With all his learning Mr. Keeton never makes his erudition oppressive, and with all the mastery with which the subject is handled, he treats everything lightly and easily, so that the reader is hardly conscious of the wealth which he receives.": Paul L. Sayre, Iowa Law Review 17 (1931-1932) 146-47.

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