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Item #54712 Prosecutorial Misconduct: Law, Procedure, Forms. 4th Ed. w/2021 supp. Joseph F. Lawless Jr., Alan Dershowitz, Foreword.

Prosecutorial Misconduct: Law, Procedure, Forms. 4th Ed. w/2021 supp.

Prosecutorial Misconduct: Law, Procedure, Forms, Fourth Edition. Joseph F. Lawless. Foreword by: Alan M. Dershowitz, Harvard Law School. LexisNexis, 2008. 1 Volume. Hardbound. With 2021 Pocket Part Supplement. New. $275. * Considered the definitive treatise on the subject, Prosecutorial Misconduct - Fourth Edition, provides a comprehensive and scholarly analysis of every prosecutorial abuse, from the initiation of a criminal investigation through the appeal and post-conviction stages for both federal and state jurisdictions. Unlike other works, however, Prosecutorial Misconduct also provides the defense bar with proven battle plans. Included in the Fourth Edition is a complete collection of motions, briefs and arguments from actual cases handled by noted defense lawyers such as David Kendall, Gerry Spence, Billy Martin, James Brosnahan, John Cline, Michael Tigar and Joe Lawless, such as: the Jayson Williams murder case; the Clinton/Lewinsky grand jury probe; the Wen Ho Lee espionage prosecution; the prosecution of "American Taliban" John Philip Walker Lindh; the Oklahoma City Bombing trial, United States v. Terry Lynn Nichols; the "Buddhist Temple" fundraising case, United States v. Maria Hsia; the Linda Tripp wiretap investigation; the Doug Gilmore NHL extortion case. This work sets out innovative, aggressive strategies developed in the crossfire of the courtroom by accomplished, successful defense lawyers. It is a must for every defense lawyer's library.

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