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Item #55982 Holocaust Series Vol. 7: Jewish Emigration: The SS St. Louis Affair. John Mendelsohn, Donald S. Detwiler.

Holocaust Series Vol. 7: Jewish Emigration: The SS St. Louis Affair...

Mendelsohn, John and Donald S. Detwiler, Editors. Jewish Emigration: The SS St. Louis Affair and Other Cases. New York: Garland Publishing, Inc., 1982. xvi, 270 pp. 8-1/2" x 11." Reprinted 2010 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN-13: 9781616190071. ISBN-10: 1616190078. Hardcover. New. $95. * Volume 7, The Holocaust: Selected Documents in Eighteen Volumes. The St. Louis Affair occurred a few months before the outbreak of World War II. Because of increased Nazi terror larger numbers of Jews had begun to emigrate. The Cuban Director of Immigration had sold many landing permits wholesale to the Hamburg America Line, which resold these permits to individual Jews. A shift in Cuban policies invalidated the permits, but the line failed to inform the passengers. Thus when over 900 passengers arrived on the St. Louis at Havana, they were prevented from disembarking and forced to return to Europe. For the moment, they were saved by the unselfish actions of France, Holland, Belgium and Great Britain, which permitted the emigrants to land in their respective territories. Many of the documents selected for this volume are devoted to the St. Louis Affair. Others deal with similar landing problems, the emigration of 5000 Jewish children and obstacles to Jewish emigration created by the Nazis. Contains 20 documents of source materials, carefully chosen from the thousands preserved at the U.S. National Archives. A detailed table of contents lists and provides the source for each document. The volumes in the series are grouped topically: PLANNING AND PREPARATION 1. Legalizing the Holocaust: The Early Phase, 1933-1939 2. Legalizing the Holocaust: The Later Phase, 1939-1943 3. The Crystal Night Pogrom 4. Propaganda and Aryanization, 1938-1944 5. Jewish Emigration from 1933 to the Evian Conference of 1938 6. Jewish Emigration 1938-1940: Rublee Negotiations and the Intergovernmental Committee 7. Jewish Emigration: The S.S. St. Louis Affair and Other Cases THE KILLING OF THE JEWS 8. Deportation of the Jews to the East: Stettin, 1940, to Hungary, 1944 9. Medical Experiments on Jewish Inmates of Concentration Camps 10. The Einsatzgruppen or Murder Commandos 11. The Wannsee Protocol and a 1944 Report on Auschwitz by the Office of Strategic Services 12. The "F.

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