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Holocaust Series Vol. 17: Punishing the Perpetrators...Brandt, Pohl. John Mendelsohn, Donald S. Detwiler.

Holocaust Series Vol. 17: Punishing the Perpetrators...Brandt, Pohl...

Mendelsohn, John and Donald S. Detwiler, Editors. Punishing the Perpetrators of the Holocaust: The Brandt, Pohl, and Ohlendorf Cases. New York: Garland Publishing, Inc., 1982. xiv, 266 pp. 8-1/2" x 11." Reprinted 2010 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN-13: 9781616190170. ISBN-10: 1616190175. Hardcover. New. $65. * Volume 17, The Holocaust: Selected Documents in Eighteen Volumes. Much of the most important documentation of the Holocaust was assembled in connection with the postwar prosecution of its perpetrators. The only major United States trial that was devoted entirely to the Holocaust was the Ohlendorf or Einsatzgruppen case. Other cases, tried at Nuernberg, that dealt with important aspects of the Holocaust were the International Military Tribunal and the Brandt and Pohl cases. In the Brandt or "medical case" a number of medical doctors and other SS officers were tried for conducting various experiments on concentration camp inmates, and for the killing of Jews to obtain skeletons for a collection at the University of Strassburg. In the Pohl or "concentration camp case" a group of SS officers was convicted for managing the concentration camps, and for profiteering from inmate labor in SS enterprises. In the Ohlendorf case, a number of commanders and members of Einsatzgruppen stood trial for killing an estimated one million men, women and children in the Soviet Union, mainly Jews. Contains 9 documents of source materials, carefully chosen from the thousands preserved at the U.S. National Archives. A detailed table of contents lists and provides the source for each document. The volumes in the series are grouped topically: PLANNING AND PREPARATION 1. Legalizing the Holocaust: The Early Phase, 1933-1939, 2. Legalizing the Holocaust: The Later Phase, 1939-1943, 3. The Crystal Night Pogrom, 4. Propaganda and Aryanization, 1938-1944, 5. Jewish Emigration from 1933 to the Evian Conference of 1938, 6. Jewish Emigration 1938-1940: Rublee Negotiations and the Intergovernmental Committee, 7. Jewish Emigration: The S.S. St. Louis Affair and Other Cases THE KILLING OF THE JEWS 8. Deportation of the Jews to the East: Stettin, 1940, to Hungary, 1944, 9. Medical Experiments on Jewish Inmates of Concentration Camps, 10. The Einsatzgruppen or Murder Commandos, 11. The Wannsee Protocol and a 1944 Repo.

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