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Item #56654 The Political and Legislative History of Liberia. A Documentary. Charles Henry Huberich, Nakomo Duche New Intro.

The Political and Legislative History of Liberia. A Documentary...

Fundamental Study of Liberian Law With a New Introduction by Nakomo Duche Huberich, Charles Henry. The Political and Legislative History of Liberia. A Documentary History of the Constitutions, Laws and Treaties of Liberia from the Earliest Settlements to the Establishment of the Republic, a Sketch of the Activities of the American Colonization Societies, a Commentary on the Constitution of the Republic and a Survey of the Political and Social Legislation from 1847 to 1944. With Appendices Containing the Laws of the Colony of Liberia, 1820-1839, and Acts of the Governor and Council, 1839-1847. With Maps and Illustrations. Foreword by Roscoe Pound. Originally published: New York: Central Book Co., 1947. 2 volumes. VIII (V-VIII new introduction), xxii, 1734 pp. with two folded pull-out black and white maps. Reprinted by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd., 2010. With a new introduction by Nakomo Duche. ISBN-13: 9781616190637. ISBN-10: 1616190639. Hardcover. New. $295. * Reprint of the sole edition. "Interesting questions of public law and of international law are raised by the history of Liberia and have received full and competent treatment by Dr. Huberich. (.) Dr. Huberich's painstaking and learned investigation and discussion of these questions will be of interest to jurist, publicist and historian. I need not elaborate here upon the story of the hardships and struggles, the political difficulties and the difficult relations with other lands which marked the formative era of Liberia. All this is brought out by Dr. Huberich in meticulous detail and speaks for itself."--Roscoe Pound, Foreword, xxi. "This work covers an extensive period of the nation's history, addressing important questions of constitutional and international law and issues of crucial significance to Liberia. Although it was first published more than half a century ago, it remains an invaluable reference, commentary and treatise. Legal scholars and practitioners, as well as scholars in other disciplines, continue to rely on its comprehensiveness and scholarship. It includes quotes in extenso from primary sources. These original records were, even in the best of times, difficult to find in Liberia where they are now, perhaps, forever lost.... The Political and Legislative History of Liberia is a veritable tour de force. It gives a comprehensive account and analy.

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