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Item #56656 A Treatise on the Law of the Prerogatives of the Crown. Joseph Chitty.

A Treatise on the Law of the Prerogatives of the Crown...

Chitty's "Valuable" Study of Royal Prerogatives Chitty, Joseph. A Treatise on the Law of the Prerogatives of the Crown; and the Relative Duties and Rights of the Subject. Originally published: London, Printed for J. Butterworth and Son, 1820. xv, 500 pp. Reprinted 2010 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN-13: 9781616190644; ISBN-10: 1616190647. Hardcover. New. $49.95 * Reprint of the first edition. Chitty addresses the body of customary authority, privileges and immunities belonging to the Crown. An intricate, vaguely defined field with medieval roots, it has entailed a wide range of matters, from the regulation of the civil service to the supervision of resident aliens and the granting of honors. This treatise was highly regarded when it was first published. For example Petersdorff's Lectures on the Theory and Practice of the Laws of England (1829) said it was "A valuable work." Although the scope of royal prerogatives was rather narrow in the 1820s and has diminished further since then, this treatise has retained its value and is often cited today. Chitty [1775-1841] was one of the greatest legal authors of the nineteenth centuries. His treatises on contracts and criminal law were standard works in Great Britain and the United States.

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