Book #57403
Item #57403 Am Jur Legal Forms 2d. 30 Misc. vols thru May 2005 supps. 5 feet. Thomson West Lawyers Cooperative.

Am Jur Legal Forms 2d. 30 Misc. vols thru May 2005 supps. 5 feet

American Jurisprudence Legal Forms 2d. [Am Jur Legal Forms 2d]. St. Paul, MN: Thomson West Lawyers Cooperative Publishing Company. 30 volumes with 2005 pocket part supplements. This record contains volumes: 2B(2003); 3(2003); 6(2002); 6A(2002); 6B(2002); 9(2002); 9A(2002); 9B(2002); 10(2001); 10B(2001); 13(2002); 13A(2002); 13B(2002); 13C(2002); 14(2000); 14A(2000); 14B(2000; 14C(2000); 15(2000); 15A(2000); 15B(2000); 15C(2000); 16(2001); 16A(2001); 16B(2001); 17(2001); 17A(2001); 17B(2001); 17C(2001); 20(2000). Ex-library with stamps, else Very good condition. Together 30 books. Five (5) linear feet shelf space. $450. * Provides clear, accurate, and informed application of more than 22,000 legal documents. Arranged alphabetically, each title contains form drafting guides, notes on use, and copious sample forms. Includes a separate Federal Tax Guide to Legal Forms, covering pertinent tax law, which is cross-referenced to the volumes of forms. Provides text discussions, checklists, finding aids, chapter outlines, commentary, and practice aids.

Price: $450.00

Book number 57403

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