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Item #58634 A Treatise on the Constitutional Limitations Which Rest Upon the. Thomas M. Cooley.

A Treatise on the Constitutional Limitations Which Rest Upon the...

Cooley, Thomas M. A Treatise on the Constitutional Limitations Which Rest Upon the Legislative Power of the States of the American Union. [First Edition]. Originally published: Boston: Little, Brown, and Co., 1868. xlvii, 720 pp. Reprinted 2011 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN-13: 978-1-61619-166-5; ISBN-10: 1-61619-166-X. Paperback. New. $29.95 * This classic treatise by one of the greatest commentators on the Constitution examines the construction of state constitutions and the enactment of laws. Probably the best- known legal treatise of its time, it went through six editions by 1890. Its treatment of such subjects as the protection of property by the "due process" clause of state constitutions and the protection of individual rights from arbitrary regulations dominated American constitutional thinking for generations. Reprint of the first edition. Referring also to Cooley's General Principles of Constitutional Law in the United States (1880), Walker declares that these "...are classics, and he ranks with Story among the foremost commentators on the Constitution." Walker, Oxford Companion to Law 288. The Lawbook Exchange has also published a reprint of the fifth and final authorial edition. ". . . the real source of his [Cooley's] fame. This book originated from the need of introducing a course on Constitutional Law in the school. . . . The text was developed as a basis for lectures. . . . His discussion attained immediate fame and his views and suggestions practically dominated American Constitutional Law. . . . Like Blackstone, Pomeroy and many other legal works, the influence of Constitutional Limitations rests partly upon literary qualities, upon clarity and grace of unaffected statement." --James G. Rogers, American Bar Leaders 70. "The most influential work ever published on American Constitutional law." --Edward S. Corwin, Constitutional Revolution 87. Thomas McIntyre Cooley [1824-1898] was a justice of the Michigan Supreme Court and was appointed by President Grover Cleveland to serve on the Interstate Commerce Commission. He was a visiting professor at Johns Hopkins University and dean of the University of Michigan Law School. First issued in 1870, his edition of Blackstone, popularly known as "Cooley's Blackstone," was the standard American edition of the late nineteenth.

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