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Item #58835 Statham's Abridgement [Abridgment] of Cases. Nicholas Statham, Richard Pynson, David Seipp.

Statham's Abridgement [Abridgment] of Cases...

The First Printed Abridgement [Statham, Nicholas (d.1472)]. [Abridgement of Cases]. Originally published: [Rouen: Guillaume Le Talleur, for Richard Pynson, c. 1490]. XVIII (V-XVIII new table of contents and introduction), vi, 188 ff. (total 402 pages). Facsimile reprint of original in Harvard Law Library. Reprinted 2013 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. 10" x 14." ISBN-13: 9781616192419; ISBN-10: 1616192410. With a new introduction and table of contents by David J. Seipp, Professor of Law, Boston University School of Law. Hardcover. New. $195. * The first printed abridgement of English cases, this important text is now reprinted for the first time since 1490. This volume reproduces a facsimile of a rare first edition from the Harvard Law Library, which includes the later two-leaf index included in some copies. Contains a new introduction by David J. Seipp, one of the foremost scholars of early English law, folio numbering provided by the Ames Foundation, and an alphabetical table of contents. This carefully prepared entry tool will make it easier for researchers to access this fifteenth-century guide to English law printed in Law French. Generally attributed to Nicholas Statham, this abridgement covers cases from the reigns of Edward I to Henry VI. As Holdsworth notes in A History of English Law, it contains "some long reports that are not to be found in the Year Books" (II:543-44). It was the standard work until it was supplanted by Fitzherbert's Graunde Abridgement (c.1514).

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