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Item #59477 Acct of Money Recd for the Estate of James Barnard, Esq Decd in the. Manuscript, James Barnard, Isaac D., Barnard.

Acct of Money Recd for the Estate of James Barnard, Esq Decd in the...

Early Nineteenth-Century Manuscript Account Book of Pennsylvania Lawyers [Manuscript]. [Barnard, James (1755-1806)]. [Barnard, Isaac D. (1791-1834)]. [Barnard, Thomas D. (1793-1873)]. [Acct. of Money Recd. for the Estate of James Barnard, Esq. Decd. in the Office, Etc.][And][Acct. of Money Recd. by Isaac D. Barnard Belonging to His Late Father's Estate]. Chester, PA, February, 26 1806-August 22, 1845. Content in fine hand filling 23 pp. followed by several blank leaves, final six excised. Oblong octavo (8" x 5-1/2"). Stiff marbled sewn wrappers. Moderate rubbing to exterior, some wear to spine and corners, light toning to interior. $650. * James Barnard of Chester, Pennsylvania, was married to Susannah Dutton. James served as sheriff, registrar, recorder, prothonotary and clerk of the courts in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. The Barnards had eight children. The eldest son, James Day Barnard, a lawyer, died at 25, a few months after his father's death. Upon his father and brother's death, the eldest surviving male Barnard, Isaac, received, or perhaps he personally recorded, his brother's outstanding legal fees and his father's estate assets and accounts recorded in this manuscript notebook. Like his deceased elder brother, Isaac studied law and was admitted to the Pennsylvania bar in 1816, after notable service as a major in the War of 1812. He served terms in the Pennsylvania State Senate and U.S. Senate. The accounts are notable as the first segment records all of the monies collected for various legal work performed by Isaac's older brother, James, from recording judgments, estate administration, vendue matters, for certificates for naturalization of citizenship, or for fees earned for specific cases (Gibbons v. Riley, Miles v. Adams, McElroy v. Hibbard, etc.). These accounts span 1806-1807 and suggest that the fees within must have been collected posthumously by Isaac for services performed before his brother's death. The notebook's second segment records moneys earned by the father in office, primarily for recording deeds. Again, the chronology suggests a similar scenario as the notebook's first segment. There are also several leaves of entries with much later dates recording monies received by Thomas Barnard. All accounts are clearly legible and amounts of fe.

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