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Item #59630 Essays in the Earlier History of American Corporations. 2 Vols. Joseph Stancliffe Davis.

Essays in the Earlier History of American Corporations. 2 Vols.

Davis, Joseph Stancliffe. Essays in the Earlier History of American Corporations. Originally published: Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1917. 2 Vols. xiii, 547; x, 419 pp. Reprinted 2013 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN-13: 9781616192839; ISBN-10: 1616192836. Paperback. New. $49.95 * This Book Contains Four Essays: I."Corporations in the American Colonies" outlines the types of corporations that were established in the British colonies. II."William Duer, Entrepreneur, 1747-99" deals with the career of an important businessman who had much to do with several corporate enterprises, and whose activities reveal significant aspects of the contemporary business environment. III."The S.U.M: the First New Jersey Business Corporation" is a detailed study of a single manufacturing corporation during its formative years. IV."Eighteenth Century Business Corporations in the United States" summarizes the primary feature of the more than 300 business corporations chartered during the eighteenth century. This work is recommended by Julius Goebel for the study of colonial corporations. With a detailed bibliography and index. "In Joseph S. Davis there were combined an imaginative range as wide as the problem faced, a scholarly drive that acquainted him with all relevant sources, a master of the tools of empirical research, unlimited energy, capacity to write clearly and compactly, an honesty that never flagged and a character that insured that "psychology" never got between him and his job." --Joseph Willits, The American Statistician, Volume 30, Issue 4: 199. Joseph Stancliffe Davis [1885-1975] graduated from Harvard University summa cum laude in 1908, earned a Ph.D. in 1913 and was a member of Harvard's faculty until 1921. From the beginning of his career he was able to devote time to scholarly research and public service. In 1918-1919 Davis served as an assistant statistician for the American Shipping Mission to London and a statistician for the Allied Maritime Transport Council. He was a member of the Dawes Commission on Reparations, Chief Economist of the Federal Farm Board and a member of the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Research Council. Some of his notable works are Wheat Studies (1925-1944) and The War Between the Wars (1975).

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