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Item #60085 The Most Excellent Hugo Grotius, His Books Treating of the Rights. Hugo Grotius, William Evats, Wm. E. Butler.

The Most Excellent Hugo Grotius, His Books Treating of the Rights...

Reprint of the Rare Evats Translation With a New Introduction by William E. Butler Grotius, Hugo. Evats, William, Translator. Butler, William, E., New Introduction. The Most Excellent Hugo Grotius, His Books Treating of the Rights of War & Peace. In the First is Handled, Whether any War be Just. In the Second is Shewed, The Causes of War, both Just and Unjust. In the Third is Declared, what in War is Lawful; that is, Unpunishable. With the Annotations Digested into the Body of Every Chapter. Originally published: London: Printed by M.W. for Thomas Basset..., 1682. English Translation by William Evats. XIII (V-XIII new Introduction), xxi, [7], 220, 361-572, [32] pp. Reprinted 2013 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN-13: 9781616193171. ISBN-10: 1616193174. With a new introduction by William E. Butler, John Edward Fowler Distinguished Professor of Law, Pennsylvania State University Dickinson School of Law; Emeritus Professor of Comparative Law at University College London; Academician, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine; and Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. Hardcover, 8-1/2" x 11." New. $49.95 * The second English translation, by William Evats [c.1606-1677], was published in London in 1682. As William E. Butler points out in his introduction to this reprint: "The early English translations of the works of Hugo Grotius on the law of nations are not the product of legal scholars or legal scholarship. We are indebted primarily to theologians for their appearance, either because Grotius figured prominently in theological discourse at various periods after his death or because his legal writings were espoused by dons dedicated to the cause of peace who considered the Grotian contributions to the law of nations to be a constructive step in the direction of a more peaceful world community."-- William E. Butler, X. HUGO GROTIUS [1583-1645], a pre-eminent contributor to international legal doctrine, was an influential Dutch jurist, philosopher and theologian. His important works include De Jure Praedae (1604), De Jure Belli ac Pacis (On the Law of War and Peace), originally published in 1625, which is widely considered to be the first master treatise on international law, The Freedom of the Seas (Mare Liberum) (1609), in whic.

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