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Item #60534 The New Will: "Everything to My Wife Absolutely" Walter Dendy Sadler, After, James Dobie, Engrave.
The New Will: "Everything to My Wife Absolutely"

The New Will: "Everything to My Wife Absolutely"

"Everything to My Wife" Sadler, Walter Dendy, After. James Dobie, Engraver. The New Will: "Everything to My Wife Absolutely." London, Paris & New York: Rafael Tuck & Sons Ltd, [c. 1894]. Attractively glazed and double-matted 19" x 16" hand-colored etching in handsome 29" x 26" wooden frame, small brass plaque to center of bottom. Light rubbing to frame, some toning to margins and matte, image vivid. $850. * This piece depicts a presumably newlywed couple reviewing the terms of the husband's will with a barrister in his office. The caption reads "The New Will (Everything to My Wife Absolutely." This is an ambiguous scene. The husband, who appears somewhat smug, is significantly older than the wife, who looks rather sad. The barrister appears skeptical. Does the bride regret her choice to marry for money? Was she compelled to enter this union? Is the husband a dying man?

Price: $850.00

Book number 60534