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Item #63537 A Chancellor in 1832! 7-1/2" x 11" Watercolor on Matted Board. Sir Edward Sugden.

A Chancellor in 1832! 7-1/2" x 11" Watercolor on Matted Board.

Watercolor Caricature of Sir Edward Sugden [Sugden, Sir Edward (1781-1875)]. A Chancellor in 1832!. 7-1/2" x 11" watercolor on board, attractively matted. Great Britain, Possibly Ireland, 1835?. Toning, a few minor waterstains, small inkstain near bottom right corner, otherwise fine. $1,250. * Possibly a model for a lithograph, this cartoon depicts a drunken Lord Sugden, wig askew and clutching a table for balance. He is addressing the Bench: "My Lord, (hiccup) this Sir Edward Bug--no, damn it, I Mean Sir Edward Sug-hiccup) den-this Bug-Sug-Bug! My Lord, I beg pardon, I'm rather & & &." There is a quote from Shakespeare below the image: "It fitteth not a Noble thus to plead!" Sugden, lawyer, judge and conservative politician, was Solicitor General of Great Britain in 1829-30, Lord Chancellor of Ireland in 1835, then from 1841 to 1846, and Lord Chancellor of Great Britain in 1852. He is wearing barrister's robes in this caricature, which indicates the period in his career between 1831 and 1835, when he practiced as a barrister and sat in the House of Commons. The caricature appears to be a commentary on his role as a leading opponent of the Reform Bill of 1832, which made him a prominent figure in British politics. The artist refers to Sugden as Chancellor, which leads us to date the image to 1835, the year of his Irish Chancellorship and a time when he was famous for his opposition to the Reform Bill.

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