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Item #65017 Civil Procedure and Remedial Laws Vols. 13-15A, Uniform Laws Annotated. National Conference Commission State Uniform Laws.

Civil Procedure and Remedial Laws Vols. 13-15A, Uniform Laws Annotated

Civil Procedural and Remedial Laws (Vols. 13-15A, Uniform Laws Annotated). The National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws. Thomson Reuters, 2000-2011. 14 Volumes. Hardcover. Current through 2014-2015 supplements. Ex-private law firm library with stamps on inside front endpapers, else very good. Publisher's Price USD 1,726. Special $50. * Contains the full text of uniform laws of civil procedure, plus remedial laws and the variations from that text adopted in each state. Includes interpretations, analysis, and annotations to cases decided in adopting jurisdictions. Contents include: Volume 13, Part I: Eminent Domain Code; Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act (1964); Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act (1948); Environmental Covenants Act; Exemptions Act. Volume 13, Part II: Facsimile Signatures of Public Officials Act; Foreign-Money Claims Act; Foreign Money-Judgments Recognition Act; Information Practices Code; Insurers Liquidation Act; Interstate and International Procedure Act; Joint Obligations Act; Jury Selection and Service Act; Land Transactions Act; Marketable Title Act. Volume 13A: Rules of Evidence (1999); Rules of Evidence (1974); Rules 101 to 303. Volume 13B: Rules of Evidence (1974); Rules 401 to 404. Volume 13C: Rules of Evidence (1974); Rules 405 to 608. Volume 13D: Rules of Evidence (1974); Rules 609 to 701. Volume 13E: Rules of Evidence (1974); Rules 702 to 706. Volume 13F: Rules of Evidence (1974); Rules 801 to 1102. Volume 14: Metric System Procedure Act; Motor Vehicle Accident Reparations Act; Nonjudicial Foreclosure Act; Law on Notarial Acts Periodic Payment of Judgments (1990); Periodic Payment of Judgments (Model) (1980); Perpetuation of Testimony Act; Photographic Copies of Business and Public Records as Evidence Act; Preservation of Private Business Records Act; Public Assembly Act; Punitive Damages Act (Model); Recognition of Acknowledgments Act Simplification of Land Transfers Act Single Publication Act Statute and Rule Construction Act (1995) Statute of Limitations on Foreign Claims Act Statutory Construction Act (Model) Surface Use and Mineral Development Accommodation Act (Model) Trade Secrets Act Transfer of Litigation Act V.

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