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Maritime Law Deskbook 2016 Edition. 1 Vol. w/2017 Supplement. Charles M. Davis.

Maritime Law Deskbook 2016 Edition. 1 Vol. w/2017 Supplement.

Maritime Law Deskbook 2016 Edition. Charles M. Davis. Seattle, Wash.: Compass Publishing Company, March 2016. 753 pages. 1 Volume. With 2017 Supplement. Looseleaf format. New. $280. * Contents include: Introduction to Maritime Law and Admiralty Jurisdiction; Admiralty and Maritime Practice and Procedure; Sources of Substantive Maritime Law: Federal Supremacy, Preemption and Supersession; Collisions and Other Damage to Property; Personal Injuries to Passengers and Invitees; Personal Injuries: Damages; Personal Injuries: Seamen; Maritime Death Remedies; Longshore and Harbor Worker's Compensation Act; Liabilities of Carriers of Goods by Sea; Tower's Liabilities; Vessel Charters; Wreck Removal Obligations; Liabilities for Water Pollution; Maritime Products Liabilities and Liabilities of Service Contractors; Maritime Liens and Preferred Ship Mortgages; Limitation of Liability; Awards of Attorney Fees, Prejudgement Interest and Punitive Damages in Admiralty; Regulation of Vessel Documentation, Licensing, Safety, Marine Inspection & Casualty Investigations; Seamen's Employment Laws; Salvage; Marine Insurance.

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Book number 65365

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