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Item #65759 Great Jurists of the World. Sir John MacDonell, Edward Manson.

Great Jurists of the World

[MacDonell, Sir John and Edward Manson]. Great Jurists of the World. Edited by Sir John MacDonell and Edward Manson. With an Introduction by Van Vechten Veeder. Originally published: Boston: Little, Brown, and Company, 1914. Illustrated. xxxii, 607 pp. Reprinted 2010 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN-13: 9781616190767. ISBN-10: 1616190760. Paperback. Front and back cover lightly bumped, else good. $20. * Originally published under the auspices of the Association of American Law Schools in the Continental Legal History Series. (1914). Ranging over a period of two thousand years, the work covers the lives and chief works of selected eminent jurists such as Gaius, Papinian, Domitius Ulpian, Bartolus, Andrea Alciati and his Predecessors, Jacques Cujas, Albericus Gentilis, Francis Bacon, Hugo Grotius, John Selden, Thomas Hobbes, Richard Zouche, Jean Baptiste Colbert, Gottfried Wilhelm von Liebnitz, Samuel von Puffendorf, Giovanni Battista Vico, Cornelius van Bynkershoek, Charles Louis de Secondat, Robert Joseph Pothier, Emerich de Vattel, Caesar Bonesana, William Scott, Jeremy Bentham, Carl Joseph Anton Mittermaier, Freidrich Carl von Savigny, and Rudolph von Jhering.

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