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Item #65790 On the History of International Law and International Organization. Sir Paul Vinogradoff, William E. Butler.

On the History of International Law and International Organization...

Vinogradoff on International Law Vinogradoff, Sir Paul. Butler, William E., Editor. On the History of International Law and International Organization: Collected Papers of Sir Paul Vinogradoff. Edited and with introductory and other materials by William E. Butler, John Edward Fowler Distinguished Professor of Law and Director of the Vinogradoff Institute at the Pennsylvania State University Dickinson School of Law and Emeritus Professor of Comparative Law at University College London; Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. Clark: The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd., 2009. xiii, 204 pp. ISBN-13: 9781584779872; ISBN-10: 158477987X. Paperback. Page edges and cover lightly soiled and bent. Good. $25. * Justly famous as a historian and comparative lawyer, Vinogradoff [1854-1925] also wrote on public international law. This original volume collects most of his most important contributions to this field: The Legal and Political Aspects of the League of Nations (1918), The Reality of the League of Nations (c. 1919), The Covenant of the League: Great and Small Powers (1919) and History of the Law of Nations (1921). The first three, which discuss the League during its formative months in the context of contemporary international affairs, are little known today. The Reality of the League of Nations is published here for the first time. History of the Law of Nations, an outgrowth of his research in historical jurisprudence, is a brilliant synthesis of international law and legal history that elaborates many of the subjects treated in his Outlines in Historical Jurisprudence. In sum, this book introduces a lesser-known side of this important scholar. Published in association with The Vinogradoff Institute, Dickinson School of Law of Pennsylvania State University.

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