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A Collection of Photographs (Cartes-de-Visite) Thirty British Jurists. Photographs, British Judges and Lawyers.
A Collection of Photographs (Cartes-de-Visite) Thirty British Jurists

A Collection of Photographs (Cartes-de-Visite) Thirty British Jurists

Photographs of Distinguished Nineteenth-Century British Jurists [Photographs]. [British Judges and Lawyers]. Photographs (Cartes-de-Visite) of Thirty Distinguished British Jurists Dating From The Second Half of the Nineteenth Century. London and Surrey, c. 1865-c.1875. Thirty cartes-de-visite, in good condition, from various studios, mounted on lightly album sheets housed in mylar folders, biographical sketches photocopied from the Dictionary of National Biography on facing pages. Items housed in an archival folder. $750. * A useful assemblage of images depicting some of the most distinguished members of the English bench in the latter part of the nineteenth century. Of the thirty, twenty-nine are clearly identified either in print on the image mount, or in manuscript on the verso. One is unidentified. Each image is accompanied on the facing page by a photocopy of the complete entry for its subject found in the Dictionary of National Biography. The majority issue from the London Stereoscopic Co.; others from the Surrey Photographic Co., Guilford; Maull & Co., London; and John & Charles Watkins, London. The identified subjects are: Richard Paul Amphlett, judge, [1809-1883]; Sir Thomas Dickson Archibald, judge [1817-1876]; Sir Richard Baggallay, judge, [1816-1888] (no biography present); Sir James Bacon, judge [1798-1895]; Richard Bethel, lord chancellor [1800-1873]; Cohn Blackburn, judge [1813-1896]; William Bovill, judge [1814-1873]; George William Bramwell, judge [1808-1892]; William Baliol Brett, judge [1815-1899]; Hugh McCalmont Cairns, lord chancellor [1819-1885]; Sir Anthony Cleasby, judge [1804-1879]; Sir Alexander Cockburn, lord chief justice of England [1802-1880]; Robert Porrett Collier, judge [1817-1886]; Sir Henry Cotton, judge [1821-1892]; Sir William Ventris Field, judge, [1813-1907]; Sir Edward Fry, judge [1827-1918]; Sir George Markham Giffard, lord justice of appeal [1813-1870]; Sir William Robert Grove, judge [1811-1896]; Sir Charles Hall, vice chancellor [1814-1883]; Sir Henry Hawkins, judge [1817-1907]; Sir William Milbourne James, lord justice [1807-1881]; Sir Henry Singer Keating, judge [1804-1888]; Sir Richard Malins, judge [1805-1882]; Sir George Mellish, lord justice of appeal [1814-1877]; David Richard Pigot, chief baron of exchequer in Ireland [1797-1873]; Sir Charles Edward Pollock, judge [.

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