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Item #66608 Legal Rant Over a Contentious Divorce and a Personal Summons. Manuscript, Anthony Ober.

Legal Rant Over a Contentious Divorce and a Personal Summons...

Documents of a Contentious 1880 Divorce in Indiana [Manuscript]. [Ober, Anthony]. [Legal Rant Over a Contentious Divorce and a Personal Summons to Appear in Court]. Yorkville, IN, 1880. Two bifolio letters, 8" x 5," manuscript in ink, dated March 11 and May 11, 1880. Letter of May 11 docketed "Yorkville Ind." Light toning, vertical and horizontal fold lines. $250. * Two almost stream-of-consciousness letters concerning Ober's contentious divorce from his wife. Ober's handsome penmanship is a stark contrast to his poor spelling, lack of punctuation and obviously anxious mental state. (Ober's spelling and sentence construction also suggests that German may be his native language.) Ober's letter of March 11 is an unleashed flood of words: "Sir I have the honor To inform you about the Notification To Appear befor the Court in Lawrenceburg [Dearborn County, Indiana] i got. Twice Notified now by Attorney Holman to appear the 10th of March and 24th April at 9 O'Clock. A.M. at Court Room in Lawrenceburg and i can't see my Wife or some of Parents nor of her Attorney's i see she tried to give me expenses to runn me Back and Forward my Wife and the familie Left me and Promised me her Little girl to cook my crop... She want to gve me the Divorce on Account to Collect the five hundred Dollars $500 which i Loaned her father all the Charges are Lies except hard Words and der [there] i give you a Statement about does [those] words She Smashed the Buckey [buggy] and ruined the Horse She came Home in the Evening vitout [without] a Buckey nor Horse that on one Sunday and several other cases and i Notify that i never will Pay nothing about my wife so long She will Stay outside my House...i Married that woman not on Account her good Look or about her Money because it got none around the intire Familie want to get my Money I took her for to doe My work and to Live Still togeter [together]..." Ober's second letter appears to assume the form of a personal, rather than court-issued, summons to appear in court. He seems to be reconciled to the divorce. The letter may be addressed to his attorneys, Holman and Schwartz, likely former (and future) Congressman William S. Holman and former mayor of Lawrenceburg and Bavarian immigrant, John Schwartz: "Sir i have the honor to inform you to be Notified to appear befor the court in Lawrenceburg throuh you the 12t.

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