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Autograph Letter, Signed, Pumpkintown, Connecticut, February 27. Manuscript, Charles T. Pratt, Samuel F. Jones.

Autograph Letter, Signed, Pumpkintown, Connecticut, February 27...

Crime and Prostitution in Connecticut [Manuscript]. Pratt, Charles T. [Jones, Samuel F.]. [Autograph Letter, Signed, South Glastonbury, Connecticut, February 27, 1865]. Single leaf folded to from 8" x 5" bifolium, no transmittal envelope. Horizontal fold line, first and last pages browned. Content in neat hand to rectos and versos of all pages. $450. * A curious Civil War-era letter reporting that a member of the noted Connecticut Goodrich family was operating an illegal saloon, gambling establishment and brothel in Pumpkintown, Connecticut, a village near Rocky Hill. The author of this letter, apparently one Charles T. Pratt, seems to be acting as a private investigator or informant for Saml. F. Jones Esq., who was probably an attorney. Pratt's letter begins with a description of various criminals associated with murder, perjury, and prisons. He then turns to the dishonorable conduct of Nathaniel B. Goodrich: "Nath'l long ago commenc'd keeping a rum hole in "Pumpkintown" as its call'd (west part of Rocky Hill" at which; it's been said; all sorts of games men play'd day & night, Sunday's included. "Twas indeed a bad place. Some three or four years ago he went to Hrfd [Hartford] & kept a saloon in the cellar of Sissery [?] block, when; he admitted to me; he kept whores: indeed he never attempted to disguise the thing. He has a little regard for "law & order" probably as any man ever had." It appears that Goodrich is facing a court trial. Pratt may be involved in gathering the facts of the case and locating or evaluating witnesses. Pratt continues: "His cousin will try hard to save him. I heard he had for witnesses, such chaps as George Wright, whose word no one acquainted with him would regard good for any thing. If testimony such as he will be apt to get will swear him clear, there is no danger of his final conviction. So far as I can learn "everybody" thinks Nat. guilty & that he used Kelly for a tool. All I have to say is, God grant that justice may be done all around."

Price: $450.00

Book number 66619