Book #66621
Draft Autograph Letter, Signed, to Winfield Scott Sherwood, 1850. Manuscript, Daniel S. Dickinson, W. Sherwood.

Draft Autograph Letter, Signed, to Winfield Scott Sherwood, 1850...

Letter Regarding a California Trial for the 1849 Murder of an African-American [Manuscript]. Dickinson, [D]aniel S. [1800-1866)]. [Sherwood, Winfield S. (1817-1865)]. [Draft of Autograph Letter, Signed, to Winfield Scott Sherwood, Washington, DC, U.S. Senate Chamber, 1850]. Single 10-3/4" x 8" leaf, docketed on verso, some toning, vertical and horizontal fold lines, a few later annotations in tiny hand. Letter accompanied by biographical sketch clipped from a contemporary source and a lithograph portrait plate removed from an unidentified book. $500. * A retained draft of a letter by Daniel S. Dickinson, a U.S. Senator from New York, concerning the trial of Reuben Withers Jr. for the murder in California of an African-American named "Bones." Addressed to former New York politician Winfield S. Sherwood, a signer of the California Constitution of 1849, candidate for governor, and later district judge, the letter introduces Reuben Withers's brother, New Orleans banker Dunham Withers, and asks Sherwood to make sure Reuben receives a fair trial. Reuben Withers Sr. was president of the Bank of New York; his son Dunham was a representative to the southern states for the New York banking firm of Howland & Aspinwall. David Dunham Withers of New Orleans was a noted thoroughbred horseman and president of the racing organization that became the Jockey Club. Senator Daniel S. Dickinson previously served as lieutenant governor of New York and later as its 27th attorney general. Dickinson was a potential candidate in 1864 for vice president to Abraham Lincoln.

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Book number 66621