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Item #66775 The Infants Lawyer: Or the Law (Ancient and Modern) Relating to. Samuel Carter, Morris L. Cohen, New Introduction.

The Infants Lawyer: Or the Law (Ancient and Modern) Relating to...

First English Treatise on the Law of Infants [Carter, Samuel]. The Infants Lawyer: Or the Law (Ancient and Modern) Relating to Infants. Setting Forth Their Priviledges; Their Several Ages for Divers Purposes; Guardians and Prochein Amy, As to Suits and Defences by Them; Actions Brought by and Against Them, With the Manner of Declarations and Pleadings; Fines and Recoveries, And other Matters of Record Suffered or Acknowledged by Them, How Reversable; Conveyances and Specialties, How Bound by Them or Not; Contracts, Promises, &c. Also Treating of Infant-Executors, Administrator Durante Minori Aetate; Actions and Suits Brought by Them and Against Them, With the Manner of Declaring and Pleading. Likewise, Of Devises by and to Infants, Apprentices, Custom of London, And Pleadings, Orphans, Tryals of Infancy, Portions and Legacies, And Resolutions and Decrees at Common Law and Chancery Concerning the Same. With an Appendix of the Forms of Declarations and Pleadings Concerning Infants. With many Additions of Late Adjudged Cases in Common Law and Chancery; and the Explication of All the Late Statutes Relating to Infants. Originally published: London: Printed by J. Nutt, 1712. viii (iii-viii new Introduction), [24], 380, [27] pp. Reprinted 2008 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. With a New Introduction by Morris L. Cohen [1927-2010], Professor of Law, Yale Law School. ISBN-13: 9781584778332. ISBN-10: 1584778334. Hardcover. Cloth. As new. $40. * Reprint of the second edition. First published in 1697, this is the first English treatise on the subject. Its twenty comprehensive chapters consist of a digest of the case law relating to each topic with explanatory comments. Holdsworth notes that "[i]t was a useful book to practitioners since it covers all the topics connected with its subject" (History of English Law XII:399-400).

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