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Landmark Briefs and Arguments of the Supreme Court of United States. Philip B. Kurland, Gerhard Casper, Gerald Gunther.

Landmark Briefs and Arguments of the Supreme Court of United States...

Kurland, Philip B; Gerhard Casper; Gerald Gunther. Landmark Briefs and Arguments of the Supreme Court of the United States: Constitutional Law. University Publications of America, LexisNexis Academic, 1975-2002. Volumes 1 to 303, including volume 49A [together with] 1989 to 2000 Term Supplement Opinions Volumes, in 12 books. [with] Index of Cases Volumes 1-199, in 1 book. Together 317 volumes. Hardcover, maroon buckram with gold stamped spine lettering. Ex-library with stamps on page edges, location and small barcode labels on rear covers, else very good. Special $7,500. * This series enables the user to trace the source of America's most important constitutional principles, the modifications and glosses which judges put on arguments presented to them by leading lawyers, and follow the evolution of legal principles and constitutional doctrines from their origins in law offices and courtrooms to the crystallization in formal decisions. It is an easy to use resource for the study of the entire spectrum of American life presented before the U.S. Supreme Court. With it, researchers can have all of the arguments presented to the court in the nation's most important cases. Virtually every significant topic in American judicial history is represented in Landmark Briefs and Arguments. Topics covered include: freedom of speech issues, punitive damages, abortion law, right to die, separation of church and state, affirmative action, issues of religious freedom, racial discrimination, capital punishment, campaign finance, confidentially of news sources, obscenity, powers of Congress, Presidential powers, states' rights, terrorist activities, and more. The briefs are facsimile reproductions of the briefs that were filed at the Supreme Court and contain the plaintiffs' and respondents' main arguments, plus the amicus curiae arguments. Except of the omission of appendices and certificates of service, they have been printed in their entirety. The sources of the oral arguments are the transcripts at the Supreme Court Library. In addition to the briefs and oral arguments, Landmark includes petitions for writ of certiorari, which request the Court to hear the case; supplemental memoranda submitted to update or expand the brief; motions to affirm, requesting oral responses to points made by the opposing attorney or address.

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Book number 67145