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Item #6820 Men and Books Famous in the Law. Frederick C. Hicks.

Men and Books Famous in the Law

Hicks, Frederick. Men and Books Famous in the Law. With an introduction by Harlan F. Stone. Originally published: Rochester, New York: Lawyers Co-operative Publishing, 1921. 259 pp. Reprinted 1992, 2008 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN-13: 9780963010629; ISBN-10: 096301062X. Hardcover with dust jacket. New. $35. * A classic account of law books and their authors. Within the pages of this volume will be found the stories of great legal writers, and more-- especially the story of their legal writings, the inception, production, and vicissitudes of works which have become classics of legal literature. Covers the lives and publications of Littleton, Coke, Blackstone, Cowell, Kent, Wheaton and Livingston.

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