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The Sorrowful Lamentation of Chas and Matt Wedmore, Now Lying Under...

"In Taunton Goal Two Brothers Lie, Both of Them Condemned to Die" [Broadside]. [Murder]. Wedmore, Charles. Wedmore, Matthew. The Sorrowful Lamentation of Chas and Matt Wedmore, Now Lying Under Sentence of Ieath [sic] in Taunton Goal. Bristol: Printed by John Chapman, [1862]. 10" x 7" broadside. Verse text in parallel columns below headline within woodcut boarder. Moderate toning and light soiling, a few minor tears and tiny holes, minor edgewear to margins. $1,250. * Seeking money, the Wedmore brothers invaded the home of Sarah and George Waterman, their elderly great-uncle and great-aunt. When George Waterman opened the door, the brothers forced their way into his house, beat him and his wife, dragged him upstairs and forced him to tell them where the money was. Sarah died shortly afterwards. The brothers were tracked down, convicted and hanged on April 5, 1862. Without question, the brothers were sociopaths. Intended to teach a moral lesson, the broadside portrays them as remorseful. Contemporary accounts of their behavior, both during and after their trial, indicate their indifference toward their horrible crime. This appears to be an unrecorded imprint. No copies located on COPAC or OCLC.

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