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Plyler, Superintendent, Tyler Independent School... v. Doe, Guardian. Supreme Court of the United States, W. Brennan.

Plyler, Superintendent, Tyler Independent School... v. Doe, Guardian

Pre-US Reports Printing of an Important Decision Concerning Undocumented Immigrant Children Signed by Justice Brennan Supreme Court of the United States. [Brennan, William (1956-1990)]. (Slip Opinion) Plyler, Superintendent, Tyler Independent School District et al. v. Doe, Guardian et al. [Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1982]. iii, [1], 23, [1], 27, [1], 2, 7, [1], 6, 14 pp. Complete. Signature of Justice Brennan near head of first page. Fine. $750. * In Plyler v. Doe the Supreme Court struck down a state statute denying funding for education to undocumented immigrant children and a municipal school district's attempt to charge an annual $1,000 tuition fee for such children to compensate for lost state funding. Brennan's majority opinion stated that any state restriction imposed on the rights of children based on their immigration status must be examined under an intermediate scrutiny standard to determine whether it furthers a "substantial" government interest. Bench opinions are issued by the U.S. Supreme Court immediately after the announcement of a decision. Slip opinions are issued afterwards. Often incorporating corrections, they are the first printings of a decision intended for wide dissemination and review. After that stage the revised slip opinions are added to the latest paperback volume of U.S. Reports. A year later, that volume is printed in its final, authoritative, hardcover form.

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