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Bankruptcy (The Rutter Group California Practice Guide). 4 Vols. 2017

[California]. Bankruptcy (The Rutter Group California Practice Guide). Kathleen P. March; Judge Alan M. Ahart; Janet A. Shapiro. 4 Volumes. Looseleaf format. Current through September 2017 update. Ex-private law firm library with location labels at foot of spines and card pockets on inside rear covers, else very good condition. Publisher's Price USD 848. Special $195. * Localized to the four California Bankruptcy Court districts. Written by top bankruptcy experts, it is a stand-alone resource for whatever chapter the case is filed under or converted to. Essential forms and invaluable practice pointers, strategies, and tactics are included. Contents cover: Governing law, jurisdiction, and venue; Representing debtors and creditors; Employment and compensation of professionals; Commencing bankruptcy proceedings; Case conversion and dismissal; Bankruptcy estate; Exemptions; Scope of automatic stay; Relief from automatic stay; United States trustee; Chapters 7, 11, 12, 13, and 15 cases; Use, sale, and lease of estate property; Enforcement of claims and interests; Avoidance and turnover actions; Discharge and nondischargeability; and much more.

Price: $195.00

Book number 69167