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Bowers, Attorney General of Georgia v. Hardwick et Al (Slip Opinion)

Pre-US Reports Printing of an Important Supreme Court Civil Rights Case Signed by Justice White Supreme Court of the United States. [White, Byron (1917-2002)]. (Slip Opinion) Bowers, Attorney General of Georgia v. Hardwick et Al. [Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1986]. ii, 9, [1], 2, 2, 16, 7 pp. Complete. Signature of Justice White to head of first page. Fold lines to corners of first two leaves, otherwise fine. $500. * This decision upheld, in a 5-4 ruling, the constitutionality of a Georgia sodomy law criminalizing "sodomy," that is, oral and anal sex, in private between consenting gay adults. It was overturned in 2003 in Lawrence v. Texas. Justice White wrote the opinion of the Court, with Justice Powell and Chief Justice Burger concurring. Bench opinions are issued by the U.S. Supreme Court immediately after the announcement of a decision. Slip opinions are issued afterwards. Often incorporating corrections, they are the first printings of a decision intended for wide dissemination and review. After that stage the revised slip opinions are added to the latest paperback volume of U.S. Reports. A year later, that volume is printed in its final, authoritative, hardcover form.

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Book number 69394