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New York Jurisprudence 2d. Vol. 67A Injunctions to Inspections Laws. Thomson Reuters.

New York Jurisprudence 2d. Vol. 67A Injunctions to Inspections Laws

New York Jurisprudence 2d. Thomson Reuters, November 2018. Volume 67A. Injunctions to Inspection Laws. 1 volume. Hardcover. As new, excellent condition. Publisher's Price USD 1,111. Special $95. * This new volume 67A contains the revised and updated topic Injunctions, which discusses the general law of New York with respect to injunctions, including: basic requirements for the issuance of an injunction: types of injunctions, including permanent and mandatory injunctions, as well as preliminary injunctions and temporary restraining orders; injunctions involving particular matters, such as privacy and other personal rights, contractual and other property rights, acts of public officers and instrumentalities, injunctions against violations of statutes or ordinances, and injunctions against judicial proceedings; action or application for an injunction, including procedure to obtain and injunction, requirement of an undertaking, order or decree, and vacation or modification of an injunction; enforcement of injunctions, including contempt proceedings for violation of an injunction; and, liability for wrongful injunction and liability on an undertaking. New Volume 67A also contains the revised and updated topic Inspection Laws, which discusses the nature and validity of inspection laws, the power of the state to enact inspection laws, inspectors, and the administration of inspection laws.

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Book number 69463

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