Book #69875
Workers' Compensation Law, 3d ed. 3 Vols. w/2019 supplements. Jon L. Gelman, New Jersey Prac Vols 38 to 39A.

Workers' Compensation Law, 3d ed. 3 Vols. w/2019 supplements

[New Jersey]. Workers' Compensation Law. Third Edition. (Vols. 38 to 39A, 3 books, New Jersey Practice Series). Jon L. Gelman. Thomson Reuters. 3 books. Hardcover [with] 2019 pocket parts supplements. Very good condition. Publisher's Price USD 514. Special $125. * Complete text of the New Jersey workers' compensation rules and act. Covers step-by-step procedures from initial interview through post-judgment relief. Contains all applicable statutes, case citations and procedures, plus commentary and analyses. Covers child support reporting responsibilities, coverage options available to proprietors and partners, medical record privacy, state temporary disability benefits, responsibility of the Second Injury Fund for pre-existing medical conditions, the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Act, plus emerging areas of litigation like latex glove and lead exposure claims. Includes interview questionnaires, checklists, pleadings, discovery and motion forms, schedules of compensation benefits, and administrative rules and directives.

Price: $125.00

Book number 69875