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Law of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Invention... 2 Vols. w/2019-1 supp. Jerome Rosenstock.

Law of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Invention... 2 Vols. w/2019-1 supp.

Law of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Invention: Patent and Nonpatent Protection, Fourth Edition. Jerome Rosenstock. Wolters Kluwer. 2 Volumes. Looseleaf format. Current through 2019-1 supplement. Ex-private law firm library, very good. Publisher's Price USD 605. Special $195. * Law of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Invention, Fourth Edition is the only resource that covers both patent and nonpatent protection for chemical and pharmaceutical inventions, including: Fundamentals and Protection Eligibility; Utility Patent Claims; Design Patents; Eligibility of Genetic Engineering Inventions; Nonpatent Eligibility and Protection; Enforcement of Patent Rights; Infringement Defenses: Noninfringement, Invalidity, and Unenforceability. This unique, comprehensive two-volume reference clarifies the concepts and processes surrounding both patent and nonpatent protection. It includes extensive use of diagrams of chemical structures to eliminate confusion. And it directly quotes case law to make necessary points and provide legal accuracy-rather than interpretation. Provides clear explications on: Patent basis and terms; Nonpatent protection; The exhaustion doctrine; Extension, infringement, remedies and more.

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Book number 70185

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