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Federal Corporate Sentencing: Compliance and Mitigation. 1 Vol. 2018. Jed. S. Rakoff, Jonathan S. Sack.

Federal Corporate Sentencing: Compliance and Mitigation. 1 Vol. 2018

Federal Corporate Sentencing: Compliance and Mitigation. Revised edition. Hon. Jed S. Rakoff and Jonathan S. Sack. New York: Law Journal Press. 1 Volume. Looseleaf format. Current through release 22/December 2018. Ex-private law firm library with shelf location label at foot of spine, else very good. Publisher's Price USD 847. Special $125. * The first book to examine the Organizational Sentencing Guidelines in detail, Federal Corporate Sentencing: Compliance and Mitigation shows how to develop and improve an internal compliance program-a critical preventive tool and the most important mitigating factor in sentencing. Because the Guidelines give legal recognition to compliance programs, a properly designed program can make the difference between a fine of several thousand dollars and one in the tens of millions. This essential reference also brings you comprehensive coverage of subjects such as: determination of sentences, including aggravating and mitigating factors; global compliance programs; standards of conduct under Sarbanes-Oxley; advocacy strategies when dealing with prosecutors, judges and probation officers; guidance on advising corporations already under federal scrutiny; the use of deferred and non-prosecution agreements; government policies on waiver of the attorney-client privilege and work product protection as proof of a corporation's full cooperation; "corporate probation"; the interplay between the sentencing guidelines for individuals and for corporations; environmental and antitrust offenses; and more.

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