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California Practice Guide Professional Responsibility 2 Vols June 2018. Mark L. Tuft, Ellen R. Peck, Kevin E. Mohr.

California Practice Guide Professional Responsibility 2 Vols June 2018

California Practice Guide Insurance Litigation. Mark L. Tuft; Ellen R. Peck; Kevin E. Mohr. The Rutter Group. Thomson Reuters. 2 Volumes. Looseleaf format. Current through June 2018 Update. Ex-private law firm library, very good condition. Publisher's Price USD 556. Special $95. * Professional Responsibility provides quick and reliable answers to issues commonly facing lawyers in the day-to-day practice of law. Written for both civil and criminal practitioners, this set contains clear, concise explanations of all relevant provisions of the State Bar Act and the Rules of Professional Conduct; lawyer discipline and State Bar Court proceedings are also covered in detail. Other topics covered include: Law as a profession; Advertising and solicitation; Attorney-client relationship; Conflicts of interest; Attorney fees and fee agreements; Professional competence; Confidentiality and Privilege; Advocacy and Representation; Handling Entrusted Funds and Property; Termination of Employment and Withdrawal; Discipline. The 2018 update includes everything you need to navigate the new California Rules of Professional Conduct (eff. 11/1/18) with confidence. It includes all the new rules, analyzed and incorporated with the practice guide's substantive discussion, plus detailed, at-a-glance descriptions of how each new rule compares to the "old" California rule and to the new rule's counterpart under the American Bar Association Model Rules. The update also contains helpful charts providing cross-references between the old and new California rule numbers and the ABA Model Rule numbers.

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Book number 70837

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