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Patent Claim Construction 2nd ed. 1 Vol. thru July 2019-2 supplement. Robert C. Kahrl.

Patent Claim Construction 2nd ed. 1 Vol. thru July 2019-2 supplement

Patent Claim Construction, Second Edition. Robert C. Kahrl. Wolters Kluwer. 1 Volume. Looseleaf format. Current through July 2019-2 supplement. Ex-private law firm law library, very good. Publisher's Price USD 875. Special $295. * Provides the first comprehensive treatise on claim construction in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. This practical resource helps lawyers of all experience levels gain a firm footing in the rapidly evolving rules of claim construction, allowing for the systematic and efficient identification of the rules most advantageous to the client's position. The book offers expert analysis of emerging methodologies reflected in current case law for interpreting patents as a matter of the law, as well as detailed descriptions of the cases applying the rule, and commentary showing the trend toward or away from favoring that particular rule. The author also includes a complete guide to the evidence, or modes of proof, accepted by the courts in applying claim construction principles and specific guidance on how the courts are likely to interpret certain phrases or terms or forms of claims. Patent Claim Construction is a one-stop primer on the law of patent claim construction. Organized by rules and principles of interpretation, the book offers timely analysis of the most pressing issues to consider when presenting or defending a claim, or drafting an opinion letter. Highlights include: The hierarchy of proofs of claim construction. See which evidence is considered most pertinent and which evidence is excluded altogether; Uniform interpretation of claims. Shows claims read in a straightforward manner in practice as opposed to theory; Expert witnesses and claim construction. Shows the role experts play in claims, post-Markman; Narrow construction. Has the ambiguities that might trigger a narrow construction.

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Book number 70854

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