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Just-Ass Will O' the Wisp and The Pedestrian, London, c1809. Broadside, Robert Barclay Allardice of Ury.

Just-Ass Will O' the Wisp and The Pedestrian, London, c1809.

An Honest Sportsman and a Crooked Judge [Broadside]. [Barclay Allardice of Ury, Robert (1779-1854)]. Williams, [Charles] [d.1830], Artist. Just-Ass Will O'The Wisp and The Pedestrian. [London]: Printed and Published by G. Smeeton, St. Martin's Lane, [c.1809]. 15-1/4" x 9-3/4" broadside, single-column text below headline and 7-1/4" x 9-1/4" hand-colored vignette. Moderate toning, faint horizontal headline through center, some edgewear, a few tiny stains to margins. $750. * Popularly known as "Captain Barclay" and "The Celebrated Pedestrian," Barclay Allardice of Ury helped to establish the sport of pedestrianism, an early form of racewalking. In 1809 Barclay won a prize of 1000 guineas by walking 1000 miles in 1000 hours. When this challenge was announced, it captured the public imagination and inspired countless bets. Our broadside connects this event to the perennial theme of judges and lawyers who try to prevail through legal trickery. The image depicts Barclay and a bewigged owl representing a judge, who is trying to present legal obstacles that will cause Barclay to lose his wager, which will enable one of the judge's "little owls" to win his bet of "500 goldfinches." Barclay's ripostes to the judge point out the venality of the legal profession. Not in BM Satires.

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Book number 70917