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Restatement of the Law 2d. Contracts & Appendix 13 books w/2018 supp. American Law Institute.

Restatement of the Law 2d. Contracts & Appendix 13 books w/2018 supp.

Restatement of the Law Second. Contracts. Complet set, in 13 Volumes current through 2018 supplementary pamphlet. Reporters: Robert Braucher, Harvard Law School [to 1971]. E. Allan Farnsworth, Columbia University School of Law [from 1971]. American Law Institute Publishers, 1981-2014. Vols. 1 to 3 and Appendix vols. 4-13. 13 books. Hardcover. Complete set, with softbound 2018 Cumulative Annual Supplement. Ex-library with shelf location labels at foot of spines and property stamps on page edges, else very good condition. Publisher's Price USD 916.50 Special $250. * Restatement Second, Contracts, constitutes a thorough revision and updating of the original 1932 Restatement. It embodies additions inspired by the Uniform Commercial Code and improves the black-letter formulations by altering the order or scope of topics to enhance clarity or reduce redundancy. Reporters: Robert Braucher, Associate Justice, Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts; E. Allen Farnsworth, Columbia University School of Law. Volume 1 of Contracts Second covers the meaning of terms; formation of contracts-parties and capacity; formation of contracts-mutual assent; formation of contracts-consideration; the Statute of Frauds; mistake; and misrepresentation, duress, and undue influence. Volume 2 includes unenforceability on grounds of public policy; the scope of contractual obligations; performance and non-performance; impracticability of performance and frustration of purpose; discharge by assent of alteration; joint and several promisors and promisees; and contract beneficiaries. Volume 3 deals with assignment and delegation and remedies. Volumes 4, 5, and 6 are Appendix Volumes containing digests of state and federal cases citing both the original Restatement and Contracts Second through December 1977, as well as cross-references to ALR Annotations and West Digest System Key Numbers. Volumes 7 and 8 update Volume 6 and contain case citations to Contracts Second and ?? 422-End of the original Restatement through June 1989. Volume 9, updating Volumes 4, 5, and 8, compiles in a single volume citations to both Contracts and Contracts Second through June 1991. Volume 10 updates Volume 9 and contains citations to Contracts and Contracts Second through June 1996. Volume 11 provides citations to Contracts and Contracts Secon.

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Book number 71095

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