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21st ed. The Bluebook. A Uniform System of Citation. 2020. NEW. Harvard Law Review Association.
21st ed. The Bluebook. A Uniform System of Citation. 2020. NEW.

21st ed. The Bluebook. A Uniform System of Citation. 2020. NEW.

Now Available for Immediate Shipment Harvard Law Review Association. The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation. 21st Edition. Compiled by the editors of Columbia, Harvard, University of Pennsylvania and Yale Law Reviews. The Harvard Law Review Association, 2020. Spiral bound. ISBN 9780578666150. New. $45. * Twenty-first edition. The definitive style guide for legal citation in the United States. We ship world-wide. Order the 21st edition of The Bluebook in quantity and save up to 10%! Plus, get free shipping, in the Continental U.S., on orders of 5 or more! 5-50 copies = 4% discount! 51-99 copies = 5% discount! 100-499 copies = 6% discount! 500-999 copies = 7% discount! 1000+ copies = 10% discount! A Key to Redeem a 30 Day Free Trial access to the Bluebook Online is provided with your purchase of the NEW 21st PRINT edition of The Bluebook. It is found on the verso of the title page. Noteworthy Changes in the 21st Edition THE BLUEPAGES ? B6 now provides practitioners with the option of closing up abbreviations in reporter names to conserve the number of words used in court documents. ? Bluetable BT2 has been updated to reflect the current local citation rules in federal and state courts. THE WHITEPAGES ? Rule 1.4 no longer dictates an order of authorities within a signal. Instead, authorities should be ordered in a logical manner, with more relevant sources preceding less relevant sources. ? Rule 1.5(b) has been revised to clarify the placement of "hereinafter" and "last visited" parentheticals in citations to internet sources. ? Rule 3.3(d) has been added to govern citation to "flush" language and examples, such as those found in Treasury Regulations. ? Rule 9(a) has been revised to clarify the use of first names for judges. ? Rule 10.6.2 was added to bring The Bluebook into conformity with current U.S. Supreme Court practice regarding citations to stay or bail applications ruled on by a single justice. ? Rule 10.8.1(a) provides clearer guidance on citing to case docket numbers. ? Rule 12.3 has been changed to require citation to the official federal code "if available," rather than "whenever possible." This change is intended to facilitate citation to unofficial codes in online databases.

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