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Item #71397 A Text-Book of Roman Law From Augustus to Justinian, Third edition. W. W. Buckland, 3d ed, Peter Stein.

A Text-Book of Roman Law From Augustus to Justinian, Third edition

Definitive Edition of Buckland's Magisterial Study Buckland, W.W. Stein, Peter, Reviser. A Text-Book of Roman Law From Augustus to Justinian. Cambridge: At the University Press, 1966. xxx, 764 pp. Paperback. ISBN 9780521043687. New. $125. * Third and best edition. Roman Law, since its earliest days of the XII Tables, to the Justinian code over one thousand years later, is arguably the most influential body of law ever developed, remaining at the core of European legal systems until the end of the eighteenth century and informing the civil law and (to a lesser extent) the common law to this day. The first edition of Peter Buckland's classic textbook on the subject was published in 1921. Professor Peter Stein's revised third edition published in 1963 updated the original so that it reflected Professor Buckland's own later thoughts on the subject until his death in 1945. This revised edition examines the law of the Empire (or classical law) and also tracks later developments, including the legislation of Justinian. It is primarily concerned with the law but historical developments are also kept in view, so as to give the student the broadest perspective on the subject. "The author aims at setting forth for the use of students the main rules of the private law of the Roman Empire, and follows, with some variations the arrangement of the Institutes...[W]e know of no work more free from error or which follows more faithfully the authorized texts than the book before us. It is the result of phenomenal industry, combined with sound scholarship and wide knowledge.": S.H.L., Law Quarterly Review 38:246-247 (review of the first edition).

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