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History of the Yale Law School to 1915. Reprint w/new intro. & index.

Classic History of Yale Law School Hicks, Frederick C. History of the Yale Law School to 1915. Introduction by Morris L. Cohen [1927-2010], Professor of Law, Yale Law School. ix, 301 pp. Illustrated. Clark, NJ: The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd., 2001, 2018. ISBN-13:9781584771753; ISBN-10: 1584771755. Cloth bound, smythe sewn hardcover. Fine. $35. * This book collects four classic studies that form a history of Yale Law School to 1915: The Founders and the Founders' Collection, From the Founders to Dutton 1845-1869, 1869-1894 Including The County Court House Period and 1895-1915 Twenty Years of Hendrie Hall. A fascinating collection, these essays are distinguished by their colorful anecdotes and careful use of archival sources. Illustrated. Index. A lawyer by training, FREDERICK C. HICKS was one of the great American law librarians of the twentieth century. Most of his career was spent at Yale, where he was a professor of law and law librarian from 1928 to 1944. A prolific scholar, he published several books and articles on law, legal history and legal research. MORRIS LEO COHEN (1927-2010) was an American attorney, law librarian and professor of law at the University at Buffalo, University of Pennsylvania, Harvard Law School and Yale Law School. Described by The New York Times as "one of the nation's most influential legal librarians," he wrote extensively about the history of law and helped organize and computerize the law libraries at Harvard and Yale. Cohen authored A Bibliography of Early American Law in 1998, a six-volume tome that he had worked on for over three decades that provided a comprehensive catalog of all legal works published in the United States before 1860.

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