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Item #72454 Restatement of the Law 3d. Suretyship and Guaranty. 1 Vol. American Law Institute.

Restatement of the Law 3d. Suretyship and Guaranty. 1 Vol.

Restatement of the Law Third. Suretyship and Guaranty. As Adopted and Promulgated by The American Law Institute at Chicago, Illinois. May 19, 1995. American Law Institute. St. Paul, MN, 1996. 1 Volume. Hardcover. New. $72. * This Restatement contains chapters addressing formation, enforcement, rules applicable to, and interpretation of secondary obligations. As well as rights and recourse of obligors and obliges. It was formerly called Restatement of the Law Third, Suretyship. This Restatement comprehensively sets forth and analyzes the doctrines, principles, and policies of suretyship law. The work represents the Institute's first examination of the law of suretyship in more than half a century. The intervening period has seen dramatic developments in this body of law as modern contract theory and the policies embodied in the Uniform Commercial Code have been embraced by courts and commentators. All of this is reflected in this Restatement volume, which entirely supersedes Division II of the Restatement of Security (1941), the Institute's previous treatment of the subject.

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