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Item #74362 American Law Reports. (ALR 1st) Vols 1-175 (1919-1948). Complete set. Lawyers Cooperative Publishing Co.

American Law Reports. (ALR 1st) Vols 1-175 (1919-1948). Complete set

American Law Reports. [ALR 1st]. Rochester, NY: The Lawyers Cooperative Publishing Company. Volumes 1 to 175 (1919-1948). Complete set. Forty (40) linear feet of shelf space. Ex-private law firm library, good condition. $1,695. * American Law Reports began publication in 1919. It continues Lawyers Reports Annotated and Annotated Cases. It is also a complete series in itself. There are four distinctive features on the Annotated Reports System. These are first, the selection from all the states, of cases which are of general interest, whether or not they could be designated as "leading cases"... Second, the publication with each case of summaries of the arguments and briefs of counsel. Third, extensive annotations or briefs on specific points... Fourth, extensive digesting and indexing of the cases and annotations in the entire series. From 1888 on, the system contains the most outstanding cases decided in the Federal courts. Hicks. Materials: 144-145.

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Book number 74362

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