Book #75087
Item #75087 Am Jur Proof of Facts 3d. Volume 90 (2006). 1 book. Thomson Reuters West.

Am Jur Proof of Facts 3d. Volume 90 (2006). 1 book.

American Jurisprudence Proof of Facts 3d. (Am Jur Proof of Facts 3d). Thomson Reuters West. Volume 90 (2006). Very small property stamp on inside front cover, else as new.. Publisher's Price USD 2,136. Special $150. * This volume contains the following five (5) articles: - Actions Involving Injusies to Animals, pp. 1-94; - Establishing Liability for Unfair Competiton, pp. 95-206; - Tortious Interference with Real Estate Broker's Contractual Relationship with Seller, pp. 207-340; - Proof of Landlord's Conversion of Tenant's Personal Property, pp. 341-454; - Proof Establishing Physical Examination of Commercial Vehicle Driver, pp. 455-571. Am Jur Proof of Facts 3d Series contains articles which explain and illustrate how to prove the particular facts essential to a cause of action or a defense. Each article generally provides background information on applicable law, technical background, evidentiary considerations, defense considerations, elements of proof, elements of damages, model discovery, illustrative proofs, jury instructions, illustrations and bibliographies.

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Book number 75087

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