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Item #75088 Evidence in Trials at Common Law. Volume 8 (2175-2396). Boston, 1961. John Henry Wigmore, John T. McNaughton.

Evidence in Trials at Common Law. Volume 8 (2175-2396). Boston, 1961

Wigmore, John Henry. Evidence in Trials at Common Law. In Ten Volumes. Volume VIII [8] ONLY. Revised by John T. McNaughton. Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1961. xvii, 878 pp. Publisher's green textured cloth hardcover with very light wear and soiling. Special $50. * This volume deals with "rules of extrinsic policy." We would now call almost all of them "privileges." Topics covered in this volumes include: Absolute Exclusion; Testimonial Duty, in General; Privilege as to Attendance; Sundry Privileged Topics; Privilege for Anti-marital Facts; Self-incrimination Privilege; Confidential Communications in General; Attorney-Client Communications; Husband-Wife Communications; Jurors' Communications; State Secrets and Official Documents; Physician-Patient Communications; Priest-Penitent Communications.

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Book number 75088

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