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Item #75770 Restatement of the Law 2d Conflict of Laws & App 8 Vols. w/2023 Supp. American Law Institute.

Restatement of the Law 2d Conflict of Laws & App 8 Vols. w/2023 Supp

Restatement of the Law Second. Conflict of Laws & Appendix. 7 books with 2023 supplement. Reporter: Willis L. M. Reese, Columbia University School of Law. Associate Reporter: Austin W. Scott, Harvard Law School. American Law Institute Publishers, 1971-2016. Volumes 1-2; Appendix volumes 3-8. Together 8 books, complete set to date [with] 2023 supplementary pamphlet. New. Publisher's Price USD 544. Special $350. * Topics covered are Domicile; Judicial Jurisdiction; Judgments; Procedure; Wrongs; Contracts; Property; Trusts; Status; Agency and Partnerships; Business Corporations; and Administration of Estates. The first two volumes contain the black-letter statements, Comments, Illustrations, and Reporters Notes. The third volume is an Appendix, containing digests of court citations to the first Restatement and to the Tentative Drafts through 1968; parallel tables showing corresponding sections in the original Restatement, the Tentative Drafts, and the new edition; and cross-references to the West Key Number Digest System and A.L.R. Annotations. The fourth, fifth, and sixth volumes are additional Appendixes containing digests of court citations to both the first and second Restatements from January 1969, through June 1995. Appendix Volume 6 xxxix, 602 pp., 1996. Appendix vol. 7 (1995-2004) xxv, 554 pp., was released March 2005. Appendix vol. 8 (2004-2015) released October 2016.

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Book number 75770

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