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Item #75839 Restatement of the Law 3d The Law Governing Lawyers. 2 Volumes. American Law Institute.

Restatement of the Law 3d The Law Governing Lawyers. 2 Volumes

Restatement of the Law Third. The Law Governing Lawyers. American Law Institute Publishers, 2000-2015. 2 Volumes. Hardcover. New. New. Publisher's Price USD 365. Special $95. * Contains Chapters on Regulation of the Legal Profession; The Client-Lawyer Relationship; Client and Lawyer: The Financial and Property Relationship; Lawyer Civil Liability; Confidential Client Information; Representing Clients- In General; Representing Clients in Litigation; and Conflict of Interest. After years of deliberate analysis and numerous drafts, this work goes beyond current ethics rules to cover other areas that effect the practice of law, including tort doctrine relating to malpractice, vicarious liability, the work-product doctrine, the attorney-client evidentiary privilege, the agent-principal relationship, and related areas. As with other Restatements before it, the purpose is not only to "restate" what the law is, but also to invite or nudge the developing caselaw in prescribed directions. While the ABA Model Rules greatly influence courts in adopting rules of ethics, this new Restatement is to influence courts in interpreting those ethics rules as well as other law governing lawyers and the practice of law.

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