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Item #75850 Restatement of the Law. Unfair Competition 3d. 1 Volume. American Law Institute.

Restatement of the Law. Unfair Competition 3d. 1 Volume

Restatement of the Law. Unfair Competition Third Edition. American Law Institute Law Publishers, 1995. 683 pp. Hardcover. New. Publisher's Price USD 161. Special $45. * Addresses the right to compete, deceptive marketing, the law of trademarks, and related concepts of intangible property and correlative rights. Although the common-law action for unfair competition evolved originally to afford relief against a competitor's misrepresentation of the source of goods or services, the term "unfair competition" now describes an array of legal actions addressing methods of competition that improperly interfere with the legitimate commercial interests of other sellers in the marketplace. The Restatement clarifies both the common-law principles and the related statutory rules that collectively comprise the modern law of unfair competition.

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