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Item #75858 Principles of the Law. Aggregate Litigation. 1 Volume. American Law Institute.

Principles of the Law. Aggregate Litigation. 1 Volume

Principles of the Law of Aggregate Litigation. Reporter, Samuel Issacharoff. Associate reporters, Robert H. Klonoff, Richard A. Nagareda, Charles Silver. American Law Institute Publishers, 2010. xxvi, 305 pp. Hardcover. New. Publisher's Price USD 163. Special $45. * This work provides a coherent summary of class action law. It also addresses a broader array of cases that may be bundled together for trial and/or settlement. This work aims to help lawyers, judges, legislators, and others make aggregation decisions correctly, and to improve the management of cases in which aggregation is allowed. Aggregate proceedings might involve few parties or, as in cases involving product defects, securities fraud, or mass disaster, might bring under the same litigation umbrella many thousands of plaintiffs and multiple defendants. While competing policies favor or disfavor aggregration of related cases, the procedural device is perceived as efficient, and it is here to stay.

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