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Item #75861 Principles of the Law. Election Administration. 1 volume. American Law Institute.

Principles of the Law. Election Administration. 1 volume.

Principles of the Law. Election Administration: Non-Precinct Voting and Resolution of Ballot-Counting Disputes. 1 volume with 2023 supplement. Reporter: Edward B. Foley, Ohio State University. Associate Reporter: Steven F. Huefner, Ohio State University. American Law Institute Law Publishers, 2019. 1 volume. 335 pp. Hardcover. New. Publisher's Price USD 226. Special $45. * Election administration is essential to the proper functioning of our democracy. This work focuses on two areas of great importance: non-precinct voting and the resolution of disputed elections. The project is divided into three Parts: Part I provides principles for use by jurisdictions that wish to use absentee-voting or early-voting options as a supplement to in-person precinct-based voting on Election Day. Part II concerns principles applicable to disputed elections generally, while Part III specifically concerns procedures necessary for disputed presidential elections given their uniquely challenging scheduling constraints.

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Book number 75861

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