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Item #78552 The Supreme Court Review: 1994. Dennis J. Hutchinson, David A. Strauss.
The Supreme Court Review: 1994.

The Supreme Court Review: 1994.

Hutchinson, Dennis J, Editor. Strauss, David A., Editor. Stone, Geoffrey R., Editor. The Supreme Court Review: 1994. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, [1995]. 540 pp. Hardcover. Fine. $10. * Contents: Sexual harassment, content neutrality, and the First amendment dog that don't bark, Richard H. Fallon; Turner Broadcasting: content-based regulation of persons and presses, C. Edwin Baker; NOW v Scheidler: Rico meets the First amendment, Craig M. Bradley; The Supreme Court, the First amendment, and bad journalism, William P. Marshall and Susan Gilles; Holmes versus Hand: clear and present danger or advocacy of unlawful action?, Bernard Schwartz; Story telling on the Supreme Court and Justice Joseph Story's judicial nationalism, Paul Finkelman; Federalism, state, authority, and the preemptive power of international law, Lea Brilmayer; Lenity and federal common law crimes, Dan M. Kaban; On resegregating the worlds of statute ans common law, Peter L. Strauss.

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